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We are a team developing a multifunctional robot-assistant for home use. Thanks to 3D-sensors our robot is able to accurately determine its position in space, powerful actuators allow him to carry objects weighing up to two kilos and the hardware implementation of machine learning algorithms makes it intelligent. Clapeyron is created to be the best home helper you can buy.

Housekeeper can be

third hand

Would you like to have a home robot that will, on command or through remote control, take and move items to another location? Let's say you've left the house and forgotten to turn off the lights or put milk into the refrigerator. You can easily fix it by contacting the "hand on wheels".


Would you like to have a robot that will guard your property? He will be your eyes when you are not at home. Walking around the place, the robot will show you a climate map, warn you about any abnormal situation or presence of strangers and will, if necessary, call the police or emergency services.


Would you like to have a robot that can play hide-and-seek or tag with your children? Or, for example, help you to manage your time, advise you to take an umbrella when you are leaving the house on a rainy day, be your photographer or personal musician, tell you how to do a physical exercise or a dish?

smart home controller

Would you like to have a robot that will become a useful element of your smart home system? You can use it as a mobile remote control for home appliances, light, indoor climate or curtains. Or as a router on wheels

who you need

Would you like to have a robot that can be taught different new commands and activities? For example, to hold a flashlight or remember where different items are placed in the apartment. Clapeyron can adjust to your life rhythm: wake you up, control lighting or turn on the kettle when you need it

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